The creeper.

   She’s panting. Out of breath, she looks around. It’s just been over one day since it all began. Everything was normal until then.It’s a shame. She can’t share this with anyone else. People would consider her  crazy , out of her mind. Those nasty thoughts are not done yet. They are crawling around the corner. Creeping beneath her shoes to get to her. To strangle her so that she can no longer breathe. 

  Eyes open. Walking towards a doom away from another. These endless nights of lying awake and experiencing a non dream like trance. How long will it take to end ? Perhaps until the stress of one thing is over. When will it begin? When the cause for another stress troubles her. Those wild creepers of deleterious thoughts cripple the well being of the mind. She’s just running to escape. 

Unaware that there is no escape…

FAQ’s of the subconscious mind.

     There is something that has been bothering me lately. They say organic is good for health but continue the mass production of artificial products anyways. They say MSG damages the brain slowly yet there is no shame in putting excess amount of it in the food. They say research will help eliminate the disadvantages that conventional methods aren’t able to however we still prefer the conventional route. What is the point of research then ? Just to earn your name and money? They believe Geniuses are only those who understand advance mathematics and physics and then raise questions when the other “not so genius people in their eyes” do not prosper. 

    They say foreign is any country away from the country you were born in. But how can you say that when the people of your own country treat you as a foreigner? When we have pets at home how can we be so stoic when we see animals on the street living a life of misery ? We expect children to be decent , polite and well mannered but portray ourselves the opposite beings in front of them. We point fingers at the mistakes of others not counting the flaws in our own selves. We do not educate people about the real issues of today and then sit and ponder why such issues prevail in our country? We do not love our ownselves and demand to be loved by others. We complain how other people litter our country but when it comes to us there is just one excuse we couldn’t see the garbage bin close by so threw it on the streets. 

     These type of questions are endless but  the answers limited to a few words to ease the conscience of self.Yes I am one among those people. We all are. But things won’t change unless we do.

A birthday, very happy and special 

    What love and friendship is ? How will I know. I have never loved anyone as much as I have been loved or been as good a friend as the people who care about me have been. It is very easy to call someone your best friend, closest friend, boyfriend, sister ,brother, mom, dad. To work for these relationships is not easy.

        You don’t have to prove your love to the people you care for. You don’t have to call them or be in touch with them to make them feel loved. Love is not always the physical presence or the loud exclamation that wishes to be noticed. It is sometimes a silent whisper or the surprise visits just to see a smiling face. It is the time removed to see your friend inspite of a busy schedule. It is the sweet pictures with captions that your roomie or your close friend from school posts that touch your heart, the embrace from the loved ones when you most need it, that surprise visit from your best friend, boyfriend or brother when you least expect it. 

   Do me a favour today ibani. Just be so grateful and feel blessed that even though you may not have a million people who love you but the very few that you have never let them go. this birthday instead of changing my profile picture or posting pictures of me wearing that new dress, I wish to convey my feelings for all those who made me feel so special. All those wishes from everyone friends and strangers alike. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just a day. If you can remove a little time to make someone feel special you sure are worth something.

Mind games 

   I was so skeptical about the whole idea. Mom wanted me to accompany her but I didn’t want to go. The same old speech and the same old lessons. As I take my seat in the auditorium with the least amount of enthusiasm and the soft, meditative words  of the speaker hit my ears, I am taken by surprise. It all actually made sense to me. 

    The lecture delivered by the renowned spiritual teacher BK Shivani did quench the thirst for knowledge that I unknowingly had within me. Some lessons that awaken your mind and solve mysteries about yourself and your existence are important. Today , there are so many books available across the globe that encourage mindfulness, positive thinking and some even explain the spiritual aspects of life so vividly. 

   This sudden delve into the study of mind is something of significance. Our minds lost today in actions so meaningless, thoughts so vague and words akin to waste, need attention. We need to unlock its true potential , the power is vested in us, so that actions seek meaning , thoughts bloom in the light of awakening  and  words flourish. 

Child in you

The child in you, screams out aloud  

Where have you been lost ?

Unidentifiable in that crowd.

 Summers been over and slowly starts the frost. 

You’re tired and exhausted in the mind. 

You know there’s nothing better than the messages delivered through those screams 

But still you feel it’s a hopeless treasure you cannot find 

When life takes you upside down on a whirl wind, all those will become nothing but daydreams

Solace in the time of rage.

The arrows shot across the sky. The furious balls of cloud mad at mankind. The airport provided comfort and solace to my dishevelled state of mind. How long will the war continue ? I see humans sheltered in their army clothes all equipped with their unique choices of rain gear. I stare blankly as the downpour continues. The raging war threatening not to stop. Meanwhile, it is a feast for the eye to experience mankind mingling among their kindred. How beautifully nature teaches us to accept one another , forget our differences. In the midst of this all we await the silence of the storm. I glance at my newfound friend. We silently pray through it all. 

The language of boredom 

Staying all by yourself specially at a time when you know you have nothing to do, can be difficult .. in fact very difficult! well there is one very positive aspect to this that I recently discovered.

I pretty much had to go through this experience myself to discover something that might help people out there! So here’s the thing 

Human mind is such that if it is bound by a particular time limit or say a particular task at hand that it has to complete, it will function quite differently in contrast to a situation where there are no limits or boundaries. Also, if you engage yourself whole heartedly in any task of your liking and sometimes dislike too, the results will be commendable

For example

TASK 1 – cleaning the room 

Ofcourse if you have exams going on, assignments to complete you might do this haphazardly in comparison to when you know you are at leisure and have to be wise enough to utilise the time because there is more than plenty available !

 And boom!

you end up cleaning way more than required and the end results trust me are very satisfying 😌 

TASK 2 – you might want to try a hand at cooking 

If you’re not a person who likes cooking, then out of forceful circumstances you might have to. And yeah don’t worry it might not turn out that good but you’ll be satisfied that you atleast made an effort to check the kitchen out ! 😉

TASK 3- you might want to try a hand at some new hobby 

A purchase of some new instrument perhaps… okay I know you wouldn’t want to spend much on this but a new sketch book or cool coloured pens , a not so expensive ukelele could actually do wonders and yeah you end up watching YouTube videos about tuning and strumming and guess what!? You might learn quite a lot and end up surprising yourself ! 

TASK 4 – drawing out your life 

You might have tried this a million times before. To end up confused and even more lost is quite normal. But I figured that specially when you have plenty of time to waste you could actually pen your thoughts down and a little bit of research wouldn’t hurt 

TASK 5- taking a walk or a long shower 

It is very much possible that you do that often irrespective of how much time you have available at your hand. But trust me, the feeling of indulging into walks and long showers or even exercise when your subconscious mind tells you that do it well, take your time

you can actually end up feeling more refreshed than ever ! 

 So there are plenty more things that will bring your creative side out and make those deep rooted thoughts surface at the top of your mind. How can we forget social media!? Sure that will be a part of our daily activities but there will be a limit to it everyday that your mind itself will set an alarm for. The longer you indulge on checking notifications on the phone, the more tired your eyes will become and that’s when all the tasks I mentioned above will come into picture !

Happy alone time.. ! 😀

Life is not all that #hazedblurred